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Hi, I’m Noel Barry, your friendly neighbourhood drainage expert here in Croydon! Dealing with blocked drains? No worries! I’ve got you covered with competitive fixed-price services, available any time, day or night, 365 days a year. You can count on me for quick responses, no call-out fees, and hassle-free solutions to your drainage problems!

At your service with a smile, I’m here to tackle all your drain-related problems! From pesky clogs in your drain, toilet, sink, shower, bath, or even sewer pipe, count on me to handle them all efficiently. No blockage is too big, just leave the dirty work to me!

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    I'm dedicated to making sure you're completely satisfied by quickly unblocking drains and handling emergencies all across Croydon. Your peace of mind is my top priority!

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    Blocked drains have a habit of popping up at the most inconvenient times, causing disruptions whether it's day or night, catching you off guard when you least expect it.

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    Ready to get to the bottom of your blocked drain troubles? If so, my convenient CCTV drain surveys are just what you're looking for! Book your Callout today!


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    From unblocking drains to emergency repairs, I’m here to help. Trust Noel for solutions that fit your needs.

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    Over 30 years in business

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    I’ve been doing my thing for a whopping 35 years! That’s like, what, a gazillion clogs unclogged, countless drains freed from their watery prisons, and enough experience to make even the stubbornest blockages tremble in fear! So, if your drains are feeling a bit down in the dumps, worry not! I’ve got the experience, the know-how, and maybe even a few secret drain-unclogging dance moves up my sleeve to save the day.


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    Uh-oh! Don’t let blocked drains ruin your day! When you spot that overflow or catch a whiff of something funky, it’s time to ring up Noel pronto! No need to stress about hidden costs or expensive call-out fees—just fair and transparent pricing every time. 

    I’m your go-to guy for top-notch power flushing services, highly praised by folks all over Croydon! Whether it’s homes, shops, offices, churches, or factories, I’ve got the skills to give your boiler and central heating system a much-needed refresh. With years of experience under my belt, consider me the power-flushing pro you can count on!

    For dependable drain unblocking and expert power flushing across all Croydon areas, choose Noel.


    Questions? Noel has answers!

    Clogged sinks often stem from the buildup of greasy substances like cooking oil and fats, which cling to the pipes' interior after being rinsed down the sink. Over time, this accumulation leads to blockages. To tackle these obstructions in internal sink pipes, two commonly used methods are high-pressure water jetting and drain wire usage.
    Blocked showers and baths usually result from a combination of hair, shampoo, and soap residues accumulating within the pipes, particularly at pipe connections. These substances form blockages over time. To resolve these issues within internal bath and shower drainage systems, two common techniques are utilised: high-pressure water jetting and the use of drain wires.
    Blocked toilets commonly occur due to an overflow of toilet paper, sanitary products, and sometimes even nappies being flushed down the toilet. Occasionally, blockages can also result from accidental flushing of items like toys or mobile phones. Depending on the location of the drain pipe blockage, external access might be required. This could involve accessing sewer manholes and main sewer pipes, emphasizing the importance of ensuring these drain access points remain accessible. External drains are usually cleared using a combination of high-pressure water jetting and rods.
    Obstructions in outdoor drains, situated outside the property, can arise from a variety of sources beyond the usual waste-related blockages mentioned earlier. These may include the buildup of leaves, infiltration by tree roots, and other debris. To tackle these issues in outdoor drains, standard methods typically involve the use of rods and high-pressure water jetting for unblocking and clearing.
    Croydon and beyond

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    I’ve got your back with my 24-hour blocked drain clearance callout service, serving not just Croydon, but also the neighboring areas in Bromley. 

    No need to fret over foul odours or pesky blockages—just give me a ring anytime, day or night, at 07940 586229, and I’ll swoop in to save the day! Whether it’s a stubborn clog in the heart of Croydon or a sneaky blockage lurking in the quiet corners of Bromley, I’m only a phone call away!

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